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Your hosts, Louise and John

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With 16 workshops and 4 concerts.

The line-up includes: Aaron Keim, Stu Fuchs, Jim D'Ville, Mustafa Kamaliddin, Avery Hill, and more!

Video recordings available for 3 months! 
Imagine how much more you will retain from each workshop.

Check out some snippets from our 2023 Festival


Dani Joy

Stu Fuchs

Click on an image above to see a 5-minute snippet of Mustafa, Dani, or Stu.

These are provided merely to illustrate the style of their teaching.

Online JAMS - Either John and Louise, or members, will lead songs. You could do so as well.

Occasional Lessons - Members, or Louise and John teach a musical lesson on technique, e.g. strumming or picking patterns, chord melody, or theory.

Socialize with other members in ZOOM break out rooms.

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It's presented in the form of a free mini-course

Hear what our members have to say!

"I have always enjoyed music, but had never played with a group of any kind. So, it was a gift to discover the enthusiastic welcoming group of ukulele players, that eventually became “UkeWest”!

I appreciate Ukewest because members like me can participate at a level that works for the individual: take courses, lead songs, play along, sing along or just listen. And many of the online sessions are recorded for later/repeat viewing. I like that I can participate, or not, depending on what else is going on in my life."
Joanne L.

"Louise and John have done a remarkable job in fostering an online community of enthusiastic uke players. We learn together, share music and encourage each other.  The format of monthly, soon to become twice-monthly, festival workshops, has really helped me grow in my skills. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to learn from and connect with world-renowned uke instructors during the live online sessions.

I’ve appreciated that recordings of the sessions are available to review on a time-limited basis. The weekly sessions with fellow uke players have also contributed to my learning. I’m very pleased to be a member of this welcoming community; their enthusiasm is contagious."

Judy R.

"Just before Covid disrupted all our lives, I stumbled upon a UkeWest invitation to the annual ukulele convention in Calgary.  I gathered up a couple of friends and we spent a weekend listening to great ukulelists, learning new things, and meeting new people.

Little did I know that UkeWest would become one of my salvations during Covid. The organization went on to provide weekly get-togethers and virtual lessons from local and international teachers via Zoom. While spending all that time housebound, I had a weekly highlight and soon came to depend on it. The membership fee is reasonable, and a wise investment to any aspiring ukulele player. Considering the benefits you get from this organization; I can’t recommend it enough. Sign up, you won’t regret it."

Dawn K-H.

"My personal experience with Ukewest has been since the Beginning!  Our Calgary Ukulele community started as a small Family and has grown into a vibrant Community.  From meeting in homes, to Uke Festivals with some of the most notable instructors, to our Online platform, it has been a wonderful journey.

Being part of a welcoming community such as Ukewest is inspirational to me personally.   We listen. We encourage. We have FUN. We take risks and increase our confidence. We grow in our abilities to play our little instrument.  Who would have known that our Ukewest Community could teach such lessons?"

Beverley T.

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